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HIV Medicine 2007
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Mohammad Hassan Pipelzadeh, BSc, MSc, PhD

Persian Edition

Dr Mohammad Hassan PIPELZADEH was born in 1952 in Abadan, Iran. He obtained his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Portsmouth polytechnic, UK in 1978, and practised pharmacy both as a locum and as a hospital pharmacist until 1993, when he continued his studies towards M.Sc. and later Ph.D. in pharmacology in University of Bradford, UK, from 1993 to 1998. Since then he has been working as an Assistant Professor engaged in both teaching and research works in the department of pharmacology in Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences. He is currently the head of department of pharmacology of this university.

His teaching covers various topics of pharmacology including antiviral drugs to medical students and allied heath students.

He has supervised and conducted over 11 research projects.

His publications include the following:

1- The in vitro enhancement of rat myofibroblast contractility by alteration to the pH of the physiological solution. M.H. Pipelzadeh, I.L. Naylor. European Journal of Pharmacology, 1998, 357, 257059.

2- Effect of Onopordon acnathium on full-thickness dermal wound healing in rabbit. M.H. Koocheck, M.H.Pipelzadeh, M. Ghochani. Daru, 2000, 8, 45-9.

3- The amniotic membrane: A suitable biological dressing to prevent infection in thermal burns. A.A. Ghalmbor, M.H. Piplezadeh, A. Khodadadi. Medical Journal of Islamic Academy of Sciences, 2000, 13, 3, 115-8.

4- Low level CO2 laser therapy in burn scars: which patients benefit most? A.A. Ghalmbor, M.H. Piplezadeh , Pak J Med Sci, 2006, 22, 2: 158-161.

5- The effectiveness of Viola odorata in the prevention and treatment of formalin-induced lung damage in the rat. M.H. Koocheck, M.H.Pipelzadeh, H. Mardani. Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants, 2002, 10, 2, 95-103.

6- Cromoglycate: A healing agent in acute chlorine-induced lung damage. M. H. Pipelzadeh, M.H. Koocheck, M.A. Karami. Daru, 2002, 10,3, 120-4.

7- A comparative study on the effectiveness of garlic with clofibate in the treatment of hyperlipidemia. M. Nouri and M. H. Pipelzadeh, Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences, 2002, 27,3, 145.

8- An experimental model for studying atherosclerosis. M.H. Pipelzadeh, A. Dezfulian, M.H. Koocheck, M .Moradi Iranian Biomedical Journal, 2003, 7, 2, 65-71.

9- A study on the effect of modulation of intracellular calcium on excisional wound healing in rabbit. M.H. Pipelzadeh, A. Dezfulian, M.H. Koocheck, M .Moradi Iranian Biomedical Journal, 2003, 7, 4, 161-6.

10- Comparison between fenugreek and lovastatin in restoration of endothelial function in an old rat model. M.H. Pipelzadeh, A. Dezfulian, M.H. Koocheck, M .Moradi , Acta Medica Iranica, 2003, 41, 2, 84-90.

11- The role of prostaglandins and mast cells in the modulation of acute acid-induced tracheal contraction in rat. M .H. Pipelzadeh, P. Husseinzadeh , Acta Medica Iranica, 2004, 42 (1): 31-35.

12- A case report on colon and rectum obstruction because of sand in a three-year old boy. A. Jahanshahi, M. H. Pipelzadeh, M. Ahmadinejad. Archives of Iranian Medicine, 2004, 7, 1, 66-7.

13- Investigation of comparative pharmacological responsiveness of rat subcutaneous fascia and excisional wound granulation tissues. M.H. Pipelzadeh, I.L. Naylor DARU, 2003 (4): 152-156.

14- In vitro and in vivo studies on some toxic effects of the venom from Hemiscropious lepturus scorpion. M. H. Pipelzadeh, A.A. Dezfullian, T Jallali, AK Mansouri, Toxicon, 2006, 48: 93-103.

15- Barriers to diet self-care in outpatients with type 2 diabetes in Iran. Jazayeri S H, Pipelzadeh M. H. Pak J Med Sci, 2006, 22 (4): 412-415.

16- The effect of selegiline and bromocriptine in the prophylaxis of perphenazine-induced pseudoparkinsonism in rat. A comparative study. Arzi A, AA Hemati, M. H. Pipelzadeh, JJNPP, 2006, 1 (1): 36-40.

17- A study on the healing effect of honey on infected open fracture wounds. Fakoor M, M. H. Pipezadeh, Pak J Med Sci, 2007, 23 (2): in press

18- A non aggressive forehead/brow lift with contour threads: a case report and its application in Iran. Pak. J. Med Sci. 2006, 22 (2): 320-332.

19- Effect of smoking on autograft take in burn wounds. A.A. Ghalmbor, M.H. Piplezadeh, Medical Journal Of Islamic Republic of Iran. 2001, 15 (3): 129-132.

20- The response of intact and damaged fasciae to potassium and calcium ions Pipelzadeh, MH; and Naylor, IL British Journal Of Pharmacology, 1996, 118, ss, p143

21- Endogenous gaba(b) receptor modulation of gaba(a) receptor function In mouse ileum

Pipelzadeh MH; and Wood, D British Journal Of Pharmacology, 1995, 116, ss, p376

22- A practical approach in the prevention of mercury poisoning in a hospital environment. A poster presentation in the 6th Iranian Congress of Toxicology and Poisoning, Nov. 1999, Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences.

23- A Microbiological Investigation Upon The Agents Implicated In Septicemia In Patients Admitted In Ahwaz Talegani Burn Hospital, Iran. Poster presentation in Pharmacotherapy, 2 nd, International Meeting on Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice, , Italy, Nov, 2001 vol.21, , no 11, part 3, p 364S.

24- Effect of aqueous extract of shallot on Pseeudomona aerugenosa infections in experimental burn wounds in rat. Oral presentation in 4 th Congress of Microbiology, Shahed University, Nov, 2001. P31

25- Persian translation of HIV medicine 2003

His present main interests are in the wound healing specifically in the understanding of the pharmacological characteristics of wound granulation tissue and the toxicological features of the venom of Hemiscorpius lepturus (the most poisonous scorpions in the region) in the hope of finding effective methods for treating the envenomed victims in this area of the world.




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